A Comprehensive Guide For TV Mount And TV Bracket Installation In Singapore

02 October 2023

The TV has become an important part of our lives in recent decades and we cannot even think about living without them. In fact, they have become the focal point in our living rooms and dictate the position and interior design setting of everything else in the room. It is only essential, therefore, that the TV be placed or installed in the perfect position so all the rest of the furniture pieces can be laid out in an aesthetically pleasing and functional manner.

Although placing the TV on a console has its own aesthetic appeal, many homeowners in Singapore now opt to mount their TVs on the walls. The reason could be anything from saving space to being more secure and practical, but the fact of the matter is that a mounted TV has many advantages. The process of mounting a TV to a wall comprises first installing a TV mount and then mounting the TV on that.

In this article, we discuss why you should mount your TV on the wall, the different types of TV mounts available, and the complete process of how you can mount your TV on the wall.

Why install a TV bracket and mount your TV on the wall?

A couple of decades ago when the TVs were big and bulky, no one could even fathom if one day there would be an option of mounting them to the walls. However, as technology advanced, slimmer and lighter TVs started being produced. This led to an increase in the number of options in which such TVs could be placed and installed. Installing a TV bracket and mounting the TV on that bracket became a popular option overnight for many reasons.

Takes less space

One of the reasons people choose to mount their TV on the wall is that it takes very little space. In Singapore HDB apartments and condos where there may be very less space to start with, any option that helps conserve that space is welcomed by everyone. A TV that has been mounted on the wall takes very little space as opposed to a big TV console or trolley on which it would have been placed. Thus, it is ideal for small apartments and helps make the area look spacious.

Looks more beautiful

A wall-mounted TV looks much more elegant and beautiful as compared to a TV placed on a console. Its sleek design and appearance are further enhanced when it is mounted on the wall. Moreover, it gives you more options of decorating the wall accordingly to further accentuate the beautiful mounted TV vibes. For example, you can create decorative wall trims on the wall bordering the mounted TV. Or you can install accent lighting behind the TV to create a wow effect. Moreover, another trend that is becoming popular these days is to create a media wall. This media wall is usually a different-colored wall panel on which the TV is mounted. It can also house all other electronic gadgets and systems to create a defined space for such elements. You can install accent lighting behind this wall panel to further beautify this structure.

Offers maximum flexibility

Another great advantage of a wall-mounted TV is that it offers you greater flexibility to adjust your TV according to your requirements depending on the kind of bracket you have installed. These days, you can find different versatile TV mounts that offer you great flexibility in adjusting the position of your TV. Some mounts can be extended several inches away from the wall allowing you to move the TV much closer to you as you sit on the sofa. This way you are able to enjoy a much larger TV screen.

Moreover, most TV mounts allow you to swivel the TV a few angles on the left or right. This allows you to view the TV at a comfortable angle without having to keep your neck turned towards one side. They also allow you to tile the TV up and down which you can use to avoid any kind of glare on the TV and enjoy a comfortable TV experience.

Makes the TV more secure in its position

As the TVs of today become more lighter and slimmer, there is the added fear of toppling them over especially in a house that has kids or toddlers around. Even if a pet or some kid bumps into a TV placed on a console during playing, it can easily tip over the TV causing damage not only to the TV but harming the pet or kid as well. To avoid this problem, you can wall mount the TV! A TV is mounted on the wall through strong and secure studs that can make it almost impossible for it to fall. However, professional installation is must in this regard to ensure that the installation is done safely and securely.

Creates a more ergonomic viewing experience

Depending on the height of your sofas and chairs from where you watch your TV, you can choose the best position for mounting it on the wall according to your preferences. You can choose the position that offers you the best viewing experience tailored according to your needs. Moreover, the swivel and tilt functions of the mounting bracket further help improve your viewing angle so that you have a more ergonomic viewing experience that does not strain your back and neck.

Keeps the space tidy

A wall-mounted TV helps create a tidy and organized interior especially if you use cable concealment plastic tubes and organize them properly. You can paint these plastic tubes to match the color of the wall to create a seamless background.

Types of TV mounts

When you go to buy a TV mount for your TV, you will come across several different types, each having its own distinctive features. Having some knowledge about the different kinds of TV mounts and brackets can go a long way in ensuring that you select just the right one according to your requirements.

Fixed mounts

The simplest type of a TV mount is the fixed one that lets you mount the TV very close to the wall and then it stays in that position. The TV cannot be swiveled or tilted at any angle with this kind of mount. The TV will sit very close to the wall with this mount to create a tidy and elegant appearance. However, it does not allow you to access the back of the TV easily if you want to change any cables or wires.

Swivel mounts

As the name suggests, a swivel mount allows you to swivel the TV left or right according to your desire. This offers much flexibility to the viewer who can adjust the TV to make it face any direction they want.

Tilt mounts

This kind of TV mount bracket allows you to tilt the TV up or down a few degrees. This is especially useful if you want to adjust the angle for a small kid to make viewing more comfortable for him/her or to reduce any glare from nearby light sources to achieve a comfortable viewing experience.

Corner mounts

If you wish your TV to be mounted at a corner in a room, then a traditional TV mount works in that case. You would need a corner mount that has more supporting joints from the left and right to securely mount the TV in the corner.

Ceiling mounts

Ceiling mounts are usually used in commercial facilities like hospitals and restaurants but homeowners may also use them to create a unique interior space. As the name suggests, ceiling mounts are attached to the ceiling from where the TV is mounted. Such mounts allow for the TV to be swivelled or tilted according to your requirements. Some mounts may also work with a wireless remote that allows you to adjust the TV’s position without physically touching it. Further still, some of these mounts give you the option to flip the TV so you can make it face the ceiling when not in use.

Articulating mounts

Probably the most sophisticated and expensive option of TV mounts, articulating mounts offer you a wide range of features from swivel to tilt to even extend the TV a few inches away from the wall. Some of such mounts even allow you to rotate the TV whichever way you want. All these features offer greater flexibility to the users.

Things to consider while choosing a TV mount

If you have decided that you are going to mount your TV on a wall, there are a few things you should consider before starting the actual installation and mounting process.

Decide which TV mount you want to go with

The first step to consider is the kind of TV mount you want for your living room or bedroom. As discussed above, there are several different types of TV mounts available in Singapore, each having its own pros and cons. Consider the types of features you want as well as you budget and then make the final selection about a particular TV bracket type.

Consider the TV’s size and weight

The next thing to consider is your TV’s specifications like its size, weight, and other attached components. You will have to check your TV’s compatibility with the particular TV mount you have in mind. A TV mount should be in congruence with the size of the TV; the larger the TV, the larger should be its bracket and vice versa. Similarly, each TV mount can support a particular maximum weight, make sure your TV’s weight is less than this limit to ensure that it does not fall off. Moreover, make sure that all the connecting components of the TV can properly align with the connecting components of the TV mount.

Choose the location of the TV

Select the location on the wall where you wish to install the TV mount and the TV. Although a professional installer will suggest to you the ideal position where the TV should be mounted, you still have the option to choose any particular height and location on the wall.

Select professional TV mount installers

Lastly and most importantly, you should choose professional TV bracket installation service providers that have abundant experience in this regard and ensure that your TV is mounted securely on the wall. FunBiz is a one-stop lifestyle platform that offers premium TV bracket installation along with other lifestyle services to enrich the lives of the people of Singapore and provide them with improved living experiences.

Process of mounting a TV

The process of mounting a TV on the wall comprises three main steps.

Gather the tools needed for installation

The first step is to gather all the tools that you would need for installation that include:

  • Stud finder so you can locate the studs in the wall and ensure that you drill at the right positions.
  • Power drill to ensure that the bracket can securely be installed on the wall.
  • Level to ensure that the bracket and eventually the TV is properly leveled after installation.
  • All the screws and other components that come with the TV bracket.

Install the TV bracket on the wall

The next step is to install the TV wall mount bracket on the wall. It will comprise the following steps:

  • Find the wall studs by using the stud finder and choose the location to install the mount. Mark the studs with a pencil.
  • Take the bracket and hold it in its position next to the wall. Adjust its position by using a level to ensure that the mount is completely parallel with the floor.
  • Once you are sure about the mount position, start drilling to secure the wall mount on the wall.
  • Depending on the type of wall mount you have selected, you may have to drill at different locations to securely install it.

Mount the TV on the bracket

Once the wall mount has been installed, the next process comprises the following steps:

  • A pair of TV brackets also come with the wall mount. Attach the TV brackets to the back of the TV using the provided screws and a screwdriver.
  • The next step is to mount your TV on the installed wall mount through the attached TV brackets. If you have a fixed wall mount, it is advisable to connect all the cables to the TV before mounting it on the bracket.
  • Once the TV has been mounted on the wall mount, the next step is to hide the cables efficiently. Depending on your preferences and choices, you can hide them using cable-concealing tubes or any other alternative method to keep the wires away from the direct view.

A wall-mounted TV adds an elegant and stylish touch to any home. If your home has an interior design theme of contemporary, minimalist, or Scandinavian theme, a wall-mounted TV will help to further enhance the room’s outlook. FunBiz excels in providing excellent TV mounting and installation services in Singapore which you can use to mount your TV on the wall. You can even buy a particular TV mount of your choice from them and hire their professional installation services with the peace of mind that it would be done beyond your expectations.

Choosing the perfect TV wall mount

Considering which wall mount is suitable for your television? Then you have come to the right article!

If you look at the different wall mounts, you may have noticed that there are many different specifications to look out for. In this article, we will explain what you should look out for when choosing the wall mount that suits your television.

1.VESA Standards
At the back of your television, there will be four holes that are in a rectangle or a square. Measure the dimensions in millimeters (mm), and that will be one of the specifications that you are looking at for the suitability of a wall mount.

 2. Load Capacity
It is important that you choose a wall mount that can be able to support your television’s weight to not end up with a costly disaster.

 3. Type of Wall Mount
There are different types of wall mounts, varying from those with fixed positions to versatile mounts that can have angles adjusted to fit your custom likings.

After choosing your wall mount, consider if you would like to install the wall mount personally or have our professionals do it for you! For our how-to, do check out our other article: How to mount your own TV! or corporate gift ideas for your Singapore office. Contact us here if you would prefer to have your television mounted with our service. We also offer customised corporate gifts suitable for different occasions, sure to leave an impression.