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sThings to Consider Before Choosing and Buying Your Next TV Wall Mount Bracket

Nowadays, TVs are larger and thinner than ever and often need TV wall mounts. While unmatched in quality, they are highly fragile and opt for firm installation. Typically, a TV bracket solves this problem, but before you buy one, you must evaluate many aspects. From the size and weight to the kind of installation and viewing angle, selecting a bracket can be decisive. Ultimately, the goal is to fix your television properly for optimal experience. Keep reading to learn about the factors when choosing your next wall mount TV bracket.

Undoubtedly, shopping for a TV bracket in Singapore can be daunting for many reasons. Typically, you’d want it to be stable and keep your set away from dirty fingers or roaming pets. That’s why choosing carefully is crucial to get the best match and meet your requirements. Weigh your options, research, and consider factors like mounting type, viewing angle, etc. Here is a thorough breakdown of the most important things to keep in mind when buying a TV bracket in Singapore:

Mounting Type

Arguably, the mounting type is the first thing to bear in mind. It plays a crucial role in how the television fixes to the wall or ceiling. Typically, each mount type brings a different level of convenience and operation. That’s why you must carefully choose to ensure it meets your requirements. Here are the three mount types to look into:

  • Fixed mount: The simplest and most classic bracket. It firmly holds the TV against the wall, creating a sleek, almost invisible look that works perfectly in areas where you want the television to be discreet.
  • Tilt mount: Perfect for people who want to change the viewing angle of the TV. With this bracket, you can quickly move the television up and down, finding the perfect position even in high-ceiling rooms.
  • Full-motion mount: Optimal flexibility. This type of bracket allows you to pivot, tilt, and extend the set in every direction. You can alter the angle and position of the TV for different viewing angles or when you need to see the screen from multiple angles.

VESA Compatibility

Selecting a TV bracket wall mount in Singapore requires thinking about VESA compatibility. In simple terms, VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) outlines the measurements between the mount holes on the back of your TV. It’s crucial to check whether the TV bracket is suitable for your set by matching the VESA measurement of your television to the VESA specs from the TV bracket producer. This tag ensures your television will be properly and firmly fitted on the selected TV bracket in Singapore.

Weight Capacity

Another feature to bear in mind is weight capacity. Every TV mounting bracket has an upper limit on how much weight it can hold safely. Check the weight of your television and make sure you pick a stand that can handle it. Picking one with too low a maximum load can cause instability and potentially damage your television. On the other hand, a bracket with a too-high maximum load is both a waste of money and unnecessary. For this reason, be sure to double-check this spec before buying for a safe installation of your TV. 

Viewing Angle

The angle of view is integral to bear in mind when picking out a TV bracket. It relates to the inclination at which the television can be easily watched without compromising the image quality or generating glares. Having the perfect angle of view ensures that everyone in the room can enjoy an unobstructed and comprehensive viewing experience. The following are a few crucial factors to consider regarding the angle of view when selecting a TV bracket:

  • Enhanced viewing experience: Picking a TV bracket that allows for easily adjusting the angle of view ensures that you can fix your television at the appropriate height and angle for ultimate viewing. This specification is crucial if your living space is large or has different seating areas.
  • Reduced glare: You can sidestep glares from windows or other luminous sources by selecting a TV bracket with tilt or swivel capabilities. This provides for a more obvious and delightful experience.
  • Versatility: A swivel TV bracket with flexible motion specs, like a full-motion mount, allows you to modify the angle of view according to your preference. This is especially beneficial if you usually watch television from different corners of the room.
  • Comfortable viewing for all: Assess the seating configuration in your living space and select a wall mounted TV bracket that allows for a wide angle of view. This ensures that everyone in the room, no matter where they are located, can witness the screen without straining their necks or eyes.
  • Perfect for gaming: If you are an eager gamer, a TV arm bracket with a flexible angle of view can amplify your gaming experience. You can align the television at the best angle for intense gameplay without giving up on your comfort.

Wall Type and Placement

Selecting the ideal wall and its location for your TV bracket is critical for a secure, reliable installation. Wall composition – drywall, brick, concrete – impacts the type of hardware you’ll need. Account for the weight of the television and wall robustness in choosing hardware. Furthermore, ponder where to put the bracket relative to furniture and any obstructions in the room. Picking the perfect wall type and positioning ensures a safe, visually appealing setup for your bracket.

Additional Features to Consider

Selecting a TV bracket? Give thought to other capabilities. Certain brackets offer internal cable management to arrange and conceal cables neatly. Adjustable arms and mounts are there to handle different television sizes or deliver extra positioning freedom. Many brackets have built-in levels to guarantee your television is securely fixed and leveled. Even more, some have shelves and soundbar mounts so that you can add more to your home theater system. Take into account these extra features to have an ideal TV mounting experience.

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