How to mount your own TV

16 April 2022

Decided to buy a TV mount from us but not sure where to start? This is the right article for you!

  1. Before starting the installation, you must always make sure you have all your materials needed with you, and take more precautions than you need – it is always better to be safe than sorry.
  2. Try to visualise and plan your cable management first. This may save you a lot of time if you have routed them beforehand.
  3. Always remember that safety of yours and your family comes first! When dealing with large and bulky items like the television, do ensure that no one is at risk.

Now that we have a few pointers, let us get into the do-it-yourself TV mounting!

What you may need:

TV Mount
Surely if you want to mount your television, we are sure this is the most essential item you may require for your TV mounting. 

Stud Finder
By mounting to a stud, you will have maximum support and not on the drywall since it may cost an arm and a leg for the results that come after. So make sure this item is in your box of tools before starting!

Painters Tape
With wall studs, it can be hard to locate it accurately even when marked with a pencil. Without having to scribble on your wall and also locating your studs well, it is a sure convenient thing to have when mounting your TV.

Power Drill
We believe this is rather self-explanatory – with a power drill things will be much more efficient for us when trying to make things work!

Carbide-tipped masonry bits and Phillips head drill bit
Work these with your power drill for your mounting screws to drill into and to drive the mounting screws as well.

It is crucial to note that our judgements may not be as accurate as the technology that we are given. With the level we can ensure that our TV is mounted properly and not crooked, saving us time, effort, and the discomfort that it may bring.

We know that mounting your TV can be difficult. If there is a need, please reach out to us and we will serve you with pleasure!

Mounting your TV

  1. If you are reading this, chances are you already have an idea of where you may want to mount your television. Do note that the viewing angles including where you reside when facing the screen is important when making sure there is the best picture quality.
  2. Remember the stud finder that is crucial to the entire wall mounting? Use it to find the studs in the wall and mark with painters tape right after for ease of convenience in your later steps.
  3. With a helping hand, hold up the mount to the wall and mark up the point of the holes where you will be drilling. Remember to use the level and make sure it is straight first; once you are ready, attach the masonry bit, start working!
  4. Hold your mount up to the wall again, and this time drill the mounting screws into the holes.
  5. Attach the mounting plate to the back of the television including the hardware, and now we are ready for the finishing touch!
  6. Find your helping hand again, and lift the television together carefully.
  7. Connect the plate on the television to the bracket (now on the wall) by lining them together.

Please take note of your own safety as well as that of others when mounting your television! Every wall mount may have slight variation from the other so read the instructions that came along with the wall mounts. 

 We hope you will enjoy the experience and the results that come after. Happy mounting!


Why should you mount your TV?

1. The television with stand mounts will take up space
It may take up surface space since stand mounts may require a table top to place the television, and there will also be a need to consider the height of the table top and the height our television may be at which are not to our liking for our optimal comfort levels.

2. The television may tip over more easily
Especially for users with pets or children in their living space, it may be a hazard considering the television is tall and flat. In addition, it is not firmly attached to the surface it is resting on. With the right amount of push, there can be a disaster to clean up after which is not ideal.

3. Mounting your television brings convenience
By mounting your television, it can be easier for one to arrange the furniture since there is not as much surface space being taken up. With wall mounting, there will also be no need to consider the size of your television if you enjoy bigger screens since it just has to be small enough to fit your wall.

4. It brings you the most comfort for your leisure time
With wall mounting, you are able to choose the height you wish for your television to be at. This will be able to give you a better leisure time as you watch your television with ease and no annoyance from the bad angles that you wish to get rid of.


Things to look out for when mounting your TV

Mounting your television can be an exciting change to some, however it is also an important decision to make without realising. The quality of your image and sound can both be affected significantly if the television is placed wrongly.

Here are some things to look out for when mounting your television.

1. The height of your television
When the television is not at a right height, you may have to crane your neck upwards or strain your neck when looking down; both not being the most ideal situation, it is best if you do your own measurements to answer the question of “How high should I put my TV?”

2. The distance of your furniture to the wall your television is mounted
Oftentimes we sit further from the television because it is known to be harmful for our eyes. However sitting too far away may ruin our leisure time without realising. Being close to your television at an adequate amount will enable one to be more immersed as it fills our line of vision more while more details are being seen.

3. Looking for the sources of TV glare
The lighting of our room, sunlight, and reflections can affect the image quality of what is on screen very negatively. It is good to look out for where it is coming from and avoid having it disrupt your television watching time and comfort.

4. Angles for where you put your television
If you find yourself having to subtly turn your head to enjoy a show, it will be a sore in the long run even if it may not seem like a big deal right now. So pay attention to your body and its position when watching the television and what is to your liking.

No matter what, the television is there for one’s leisure and comfort. Do take these pointers with a pinch of salt and do what is the most desirable to you as an individual. For our how-to, do check out our other article: How to mount your own TV ! Contact us here if you would prefer to hire a TV mount bracket installation service.