Best Corporate Gift Ideas in Singapore 2023

04 October 2023

In times of accelerated digitalisation and remote work, corporate gifts have become a tool of appreciation in Singapore. While most SMEs had already implemented the strategy before Covid-19, the pandemic made it even more significant. Now, it’s a common practice for companies in the country to run their business by giving presents to their customers and employees.

Corporate gifting has been part of the business world for a long time now and continues to be an essential part of how many organizations do business today in Singapore. It serves as an essential component in increasing brand awareness and strengthening business relationships in all kinds of businesses.

So what exactly are corporate gifts and why are they important? How can businesses use corporate gifting strategies to their advantage? We will discuss these questions in the following sections along with some amazing corporate gift ideas in Singapore in 2023.

What are corporate gifts?

Corporate gifts are tokens of gratitude and appreciation that organizations give to their customers, clients, employees, partners, and others to strengthen their bond and recognize their importance in the success of the business. These gifts can be in the form of premium products, vouchers, gift cards, and other items depending on who the gift is intended for. They can help create a connection that will strengthen the relationship between the organization and the recipient resulting in increased success for the business.

Why is corporate gifting important?

It is of no surprise that people choose those companies and organizations that offer different kinds of benefits to their employees. Similarly, customers feel special when they are given gifts especially personalized ones which goes a long way in them becoming loyal customers. Thus, whoever the recipient is, corporate gifting helps greatly in increasing brand engagement and creating a good impression. The following benefits further show why corporate gifting is important in today’s modern business world.

Promoting brand awareness

Corporate gifting is an amazing tool that can help you increase your brand awareness. Everyone loves receiving gifts and when such gifts possess your brand’s logo, it will automatically create an impression on the recipient’s mind. When new customers receive such corporate gifts, it will help them become your loyal customers. Moreover, these gestures can motivate them to refer your brand to their friends and family, further promoting your brand and attracting new customers.

Building and maintaining relationships

Corporate gifting is a vital tool that can help you build new relationships and maintain your existing ones. Whether it is with a client, partner, or employee, having a strong relationship is crucial to your business’s success. When you present a corporate gift to any person, they perceive it as a nice gesture and this can become the start of a great relationship in the future. Similarly for existing clients, the regular exchange of corporate gifts can help maintain those relationships and may even assist in overlooking any minor relationship setbacks.

Increases employee productivity and retention

Gifts are a great way to increase employees’ motivation and productivity. Studies have shown that many employees who resign from their jobs often complain of less employee benefits. Corporate gifts make an important part of such employee benefits and help attract new employees while still providing enough incentives to retain the older ones. When employees feel that their efforts and services are being valued by the employer, it increases their motivation levels and consequently their productivity increases.

Show clients that you value them

When you give personalized corporate gifts to your clients, it is a gesture that shows them that you value their collaboration and want this connection to strengthen more. The clients feel that you value them and this helps build your brand image and they associate positive testimonials with you which can eventually help you greatly in expanding your business through word of mouth and positive referrals.

Helps you stand out among the competitors

When it comes to any kind of business in Singapore, we know that there is a lot of competition. Singapore offers a highly conducive environment to businessmen that results in continuously attracting new businesses and increasing competition in all sectors. In such a scenario, it is crucial for you to stand out among your competitors if you want to stand a chance of existing and thriving. Corporate gifting is a powerful business strategy that can help you set yourself apart among the competition. When clients and customers feel the connection that you offer through these gifts, they will prefer your brand over others and refer you to their friends, family, and acquaintances.

7 Things to Consider When Choosing Corporate Gifts in Singapore

At first, corporate giving may seem like a more recent and niche practice. In reality, it’s a tried and reliable marketing method, especially when it comes to celebrations or other special occasions. But while giving a practical item to your employees and clients is generally good, considering a few things before that is crucial:

Cultural Sensitivities

Singapore is a multi-cultural hub with residents of different ethnicity, mother tongue and religion. In this regard, doing proper research and understanding the cultural ethics of your target audience is crucial. Ultimately, you’ll avoid giving gifts that may be inappropriate or offensive.


While many businesses overlook this aspect, personalisation is an integral part of every corporate gift. Adding a personal touch to your gifts can go a long way in showing your appreciation. Some useful customisation methods include engraving your client’s initials or company logo. The recipient feels more valued when they know that you have put in an effort to consider their likes and dislikes into the choice of the gift.

Value & Quality

While price does not always equal value, opting for high-quality gifts will surely reflect the professionalism of your business. In turn, this will show you value your recipients and have put thought and effort when selecting your present. A low-quality corporate gift can create a bad taste among the recipients and do irreparable damage to your brand image, so be extra careful in choosing high-quality products.


Undoubtedly, the best gifts are those that you can use. In this regard, you’d want to choose gifts that are practical for its recipients. After all, clients or employees are more likely to appreciate and remember gifts they use every day.


Many businesses overlook gift quality in favour of lowering their budget costs. In reality, finding a balance between value and affordability is crucial. That way, you’ll find meaningful gifts without overspending.

Make sure the timing is right

When presenting corporate gifts to your clients, make sure you time it right. You can give them in time for the holiday season or during any of their cultural festivals to give them the impression that you care about them. Alternatively, you can also give them gifts just because you want to make them feel extra special.

Pay attention to its packaging

Any gift that is packaged well and presented beautifully creates a lasting impression on the recipient’s mind. Therefore, keep this factor into consideration while giving out corporate gifts to ensure that they are packed and presented beautifully to the recipients.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Corporate Gifting in Singapore

Just like every business strategy, corporate gifting in Singapore has its ins and outs. In this regard, knowing the basics is a must that will significantly improve your efficiency when selecting a type of item that your recipients will love. Here are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind:


  • Personalise your gifts when appropriate: Adding a personal touch to your corporate gifts is a no-brainer. While adding your company or recipient’s initials seems relatively affordable, it shows you’ve put thought and effort into your present.
  • Bet on quality: Quality always exudes professionalism, and the same applies to corporate gifts. That way, you’ll show you value your clients and make a long-lasting impression.
  • Consider cultural differences: Singapore is a diverse country that requires carefully choosing your gifts for your target audience. In this regard, research and understand your client’s cultural background to avoid inappropriate presents.
  • Follow gifting etiquette: Apart from cultural sensitivities, you must also know the gifting etiquette. In Singapore, it is customary to present gifts with both hands as a sign of respect. Additionally, it’s a good practice to give gifts in private or at the end of a meeting to avoid any appearance of impropriety. Of course, don’t forget the thank-you message to demonstrate your appreciation.
  • Stay within budget: Always consider your budget when spending on corporate gifts. Making such an investment benefits your brand, but only if it’s meaningful and affordable.


  • Give extravagant gifts: While choosing high-quality gifts is essential, overly expensive gifts may be seen as excessive or even as a bribe. Stick to thoughtful and meaningful gifts that align with your recipients’ interests.
  • Give generic gifts: Avoid generic gifts that lack personalisation or thoughtfulness. Take the time to understand your clients’ preferences and select gifts that are meaningful to them.
  • Overlook cultural sensitivities: Cultural sensitivity is critical in corporate gifting. Be mindful of cultural practices and taboos to ensure your gifts are appropriate and well-received.
  • Forget to follow up: After presenting a gift, it’s essential to follow up with a personalised note or thank-you message to express your appreciation. This shows that you value the relationship beyond just the gift-giving.
  • Rush the selection process: Take your time when selecting corporate gifts. Rushing the process may lead to choosing gifts that are not well-suited to your clients’ preferences or may not align with their cultural sensitivities.

What Are The Most Common Types of Corporate Gifts Ideas in Singapore?

Typically, corporate gifts vary from casual brand merch to luxurious spa vacations, each depending on the occasion and company budget. But as promised, every country has its cultural, demographic and religious specifics that influence general preferences. In this regard, Singapore is no different, and most SMEs focus on the following categories:

Customised Corporate Gifts

Undoubtedly, customised corporate gifts are among the most popular options worldwide. In Singapore, businesses frequently pay for branded pens, notebooks and drinkware they give their clients in an act of appreciation. While they’re practical and cost-effective, such items often help brand marketing.

Food & Beverage

While food presents remain a delicate sector in corporate giving, it’s still a popular practice in Singapore. Typically, businesses gift gourmet hampers, tea sets, or other delicious items that offer a touch of indulgence. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or expressing gratitude, such gifts are generally suitable for all occasions.

Technology-Related Gifts

In the age of digitalisation, IT-related corporate gifts have become almost mandatory. Items like USB drives, power banks, or wireless chargers are practical and a must-have in every company that wishes to keep up with the latest technology trends. If you are looking to buy in bulk, you may want to consider finding a wholesale corporate gift supplier in Singapore.

Stationery Sets & Desk Accessories

Of course, you shouldn’t forget about standard desk accessories like stylish pens and high-quality notebooks. While your employees may not necessarily use them daily, they add a touch of practicality and attention to detail in every office space.

Experience Gifts

Experience gifts are less common but still very valuable and unique. Spa treatments, concert tickets, or adventure tours are genuinely unforgettable for their recipients. In this regard, gifting your employees or clients with such a present will be a memorable and unique way of showing gratitude.

Best Corporate Gift Ideas in Singpaore

Looking for the perfect corporate gift to impress your clients in Singapore? We have curated a list of the top 5 best corporate gift ideas that will leave a lasting impression.

Customised Leather Goods

Nothing says luxury and sophistication like a personalised leather gift. From premium leather wallets to stylish key holders, customising these items with your client’s initials or company logo adds a personal touch that will be greatly appreciated.

Artisanal Food Hampers

Treat your clients to a taste of Singapore’s finest gourmet offerings with an artisanal food hamper. Packed with delectable treats such as locally-made chocolates, gourmet snacks, and exotic teas, these hampers are perfect for celebrating special occasions or expressing gratitude.

Executive Pen Sets

Show your clients that you value their professionalism with a high-quality executive pen set. These sleek and elegant writing instruments make a statement and provide a practical and functional gift that can be used daily.

Virtual Experience Kits

VR tech and gadgets have become increasingly popular, especially after the Covid-19 outbreak. While most travel restrictions have already been lifted, many people still avoid holidays to faraway destinations. Virtual experience kits solve the distance issue, enabling customers to take on online cooking classes, visit workshops and virtual art tours in the comfort of their homes.

Portable fan

Taurus PF-07 Portable Fan

This compact and multifunctional portable fan can be the perfect corporate gift for any person. Our Taurus PF-07 Portable Fan is an embodiment of function and versatility. It can be folded into a compact disc that can easily be stowed away even in a small place. To use it, you simply have to open the top flap and it is ready to use. Not only that, you can then adjust the height and angles of the fan according to your desire to make it a simple desk fan to a standing pedestal fan. What’s more, it is rechargeable and can continue to work for 24 hours on a complete charge. It has a low noise decibel and an adequate air flow speed. With only a charging duration of 5.5 hours, you can continue to enjoy its breeze for a whole day.

Dining ware

W-500 Japanese Diningware - Flower

Another great idea for a corporate gift is to give something that the person would enjoy in their homes on a daily basis or on special occasions with friends and family. The Taurus DW-500 Japanese Dining Ware is one such example of a gift that can enhance anyone’s dining experience manifold. This beautiful Japanese inspired ceramic dinnerware comes in three different designs and is made from high-resistance ceramic. It is dishwasher and microwave safe which makes it a convenient option on top of it being highly elegant. It is a set for four individuals and can make a highly personal and valued corporate gift.

Hand washing machine

Baseus HW-02 Minipeng Hand Washing Machine + Hand Wash

One more corporate gift idea that can be given to employees, clients, partners, and customers alike is a sleek hand washing machine. The Baseus HW-02 Minipeng Hand Washing Machine is an intelligent lifestyle gadget that can make hands washing contactless and effortless. With an automatic infrared sensor, the product senses that a hand is nearby (within 4 cm to 5 cm) and starts dispensing the foam, providing users with a contactless experience. It is battery operated and can convert any type of liquid hand wash to foam and dispense it. It has two foam adjustment options and provides convenience like no other hand washing machines. It has a large opening from where it can be refilled with minimum hassle.

Wireless charging mouse pad

Taurus MP-01 Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

Another perfect gift in today’s modern and technologically advanced era is a wireless charging mouse pad. Whether it is an adult who works on a computer or a kid who uses a laptop for study or gaming, the connection with a computer or laptop has become indispensable now. With the Taurus MP-01 Wireless Charging Mouse Pad, the user can be assured that they can charge their smartphones right in front of them without having to be restricted by the wires of their mobile chargers. They can simply put their smartphone on the mouse pad and it will start charging the phone as they continue to work on the laptop or computer. This charging mouse pad is compatible with almost all smart phones and offers a charging efficiency of more than 75% without the risk of overcharging.

Wireless mouse

DSC09034 Taurus Wireless Mouse

One corporate gift idea that can be both useful and functional for anyone is a wireless mouse. These days, almost every person whether young or old has a computer or laptop and giving any related accessory as a gift is a great way to convey a goodwill gesture. A wireless mouse is a good gift in this regard as it allows the user to have an uncluttered desk area in the absence of the mouse wire. With a Taurus WM-800 Wireless Mouse, users can use it with any device that is bluetooth compatible. This mouse helps complete the minimalist and organized environment of any office space. It comprises a rechargeable battery and has a light indicator for more meaningful usage.

Bluetooth speakers

BT-33 TWS Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Another great idea for a corporate gift is a bluetooth speaker. Bluetooth speakers have become quite popular in recent years as they offer great portability and an amazing sound quality. This makes it a very convenient option to carry the speaker around anywhere and create a music party on the go. The BT-33 TWS Wireless Bluetooth Speaker can be a great corporate gift as it has a bluetooth range of 10 meters and is easily compatible with any device that has bluetooth. It has a 360 degrees surround sound and TWS interconnection that makes it the perfect addition in any living room. Moreover, it offers playback up to 4 hours and comes in a sleek and elegant design that is both convenient to carry and looks aesthetically pleasant in any space. So whether someone uses it to listen to their favorite podcasts or music, it can be the perfect corporate gift!

Power bank cables and data cables

aiVR A-K271/304 with multiple ports

Another technology-related product that makes a good idea for a corporate gift is a power bank cable or data cables. These cables have become a necessity for every person and household in Singapore these days. Therefore, a good quality cable that offers multiple functions to the user can serve as a very good gift. One such example is the aiVR Triple Cable AK-303 3 in 1 powerbank cable. With this cable, users can charge up to three devices at one time since it has three super flat heads made of high-quality material. Another similar product is the aiVR A-K271/304 with multiple ports that also allows the user to charge multiple devices thanks to three different heads. This USB data cable is made from high-quality thick wires that do not tangle and offer maximum durability and versatility to the users.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, corporate gifting in Singapore holds great cultural and professional significance. In this regard, it’s much more than a modern marketing strategy. Corporate gifts are the perfect method to express appreciation and strengthen business relationships. As expected, the endless list of options available can feel quite overwhelming. That’s where FunBiz comes in with a roster of high-quality IT and tech gadgets. The company’s list of products is suitable for clients and employees, home and office use.

If you are looking to buy in bulk in Singapore, you may want to consider finding a corporate gift supplier such as our team. Whether a wireless mouse or a TV wall mount, the FunBiz team will navigate the options and help you select the best corporate gift for your target recipients. We also provide professional TV bracket installation services if you are looking to mount your TV.