10 Essential Gadgets To Have In Singapore For Your Home Office In 2023

02 October 2023

Having a home office in Singapore has become a norm these days. When COVID-19 hit in 2020 and people started shifting to work from home, no one could tell whether this would continue post-pandemic or not. Fast forward to 2023 and now most of the organizations and their employees have shifted to working from home because it results in many benefits not only for the employees but for the organization as well.

When you work from home, irrespective of whether you do it full-time or a few days a week, having a fully-equipped home office ensures that you increase your productivity. A home office that is designed appropriately and has all the required equipment will make you fall in love with your work instead of being fed up with it. This is the reason why it is never too late to start investing in some key digital gadgets and upgrading your accessories to make your workstation comfortable, functional, and organized.

Whether you have a dedicated room for your home office or have just placed a table and chair in your living room that makes your office space, having certain digital tools can ensure that your efficiency and productivity increase and you continue your work without feeling stressed out.

Here, we will discuss some handy and effective digital tools that you must get your hands on in 2023 to up your work game. FunBiz is Singapore’s leading digital accessories and lifestyle platform, also a wholesale corporate gifts supplier, from where you can get all these necessary tools for your home office needs.

Sit-Stand Workstation

North Bayou NB35 Sit-Stand Workstation

Whether you work from your home or in an office, the most crucial aspect of a good work environment is to have an ergonomic workstation that allows you to work for hours without feeling tired or stressed out. In case of a normal workstation and chair, your posture, neck, and back have to bear the brunt of all the long hours you put in resulting in pain, discomfort, and sometimes even chronic issues like back ache, sciatica, and cervical pain. The solution to this? An ergonomic workstation and chair!

With an ergonomic workstation, you can adjust its height, depth, and tilt according to your requirements and adjust it to create the most comfortable position for you. With a sit-stand workstation, you can adjust its height to bring it to a level where you feel comfortable working on it while sitting in your office chair. Alternatively, you can adjust its height to a level where you can stand and work on it. Studies and research has shown that alternating between sitting and standing while working on a computer can help you avoid the health problems associated with long sitting. Therefore, many health-conscious individuals now look for workstations that allow them to stand and work on the computer.

FunBiz’s sit-stand workstation allows you to seamlessly adjust it according to your requirements so that you can enjoy your work experience whether sitting or standing. It is lightweight and has an easy installation, so you can easily place it in your home office. You can combine this workstation with an ergonomic chair that offers your body maximum support while sitting.

Wireless Mouse

Taurus WM-800 Wireless Mouse

Gone are the days when every digital device and electronic equipment was wired. This is the era of wireless technology and most modern devices are now wireless. When it comes to working from home or your office, a computer or laptop makes an important part of almost all kinds of work today. And where there is a computer, there is always a mouse. Just like many other digital devices, computer mice has also become wireless which offers many great advantages:

  • The eliminated mouse wire helps create a more organized and decluttered workspace. With a wireless mouse, you can achieve a minimalist look on your desk which is soothing for the eyes and helps you focus better on your work. The wire of a mouse is a nuisance that gets tangled and gets in the way of important work, so a wireless mouse gives you more freedom while working.
  • These days, technologically advanced wireless mice like the Taurus WM-800 Wireless Mouse offers you excellent ease of use as it is compatible with any device having bluetooth. It has a quiet operation and comprises a rechargeable battery that offers additional convenience in use.
  • A wireless mouse is perfect for travel when you have to pack your laptop and accessories and go about to the office. A wireless mouse is light and perfect to pack even in small compartments in a laptop bag resulting in a light bag that you can easily carry around.
  • Since a wireless mouse has a very quiet mode of operation, it results in a quiet workstation allowing for a distraction-free environment for everyone around.

Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

BT-33 TWS Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Speakers are often thought of as being an important device that is necessary to play music in a party or when you want to have a fun-filled time. However, speakers are used quite effectively in an office environment as well. In a home office especially where you have to communicate with your team members virtually, speakers allow you to listen to your team members’ or boss during meetings in a clear and distinct manner which can otherwise become a bit difficult if you were to use your laptop or desktop’s speakers.

Wireless bluetooth speakers add further convenience where you can easily carry it around anywhere. Even if you are on the go, you need not worry about finding power sockets to turn on the speakers; you can use your wireless speakers and listen to your favorite podcasts wherever you are.

Moreover, wireless bluetooth speakers can connect with any bluetooth device, so there are no compatibility issues and you can connect any device with them. They are much more energy efficient and offer a better sound quality than traditional speakers. The BT-33 TWS Wireless Bluetooth Speaker offers all these advantages plus a 360 degrees surround sound and playback time of up to 4 hours allowing you to use it in your home office while working as well as for leisure in your free time.

Universal Mobile Cart

North Bayou AVA1500 Universal Mobile Cart

While working in a home office, the more equipped and organized it is, the greater will be your productivity and efficiency. When you are working on a laptop from home, your job may require you to view your display on a large screen for several reasons. You may be a graphics or interior designer who needs to view their created designs and patterns on a big screen for better visibility and clarity, or you may be a developer who needs clarity with the written code and feel that they are better able to comprehend when they view the code on a big screen. Hence, a big-screen LED may be absolutely necessary for certain home offices.

This is where the North Bayou AVA1500 Universal Mobile Cart can be a useful addition to your homes. This cart is portable, having wheels at the bottom which can allow you to move it around easily anywhere you like. The cart comprises a TV mount at the top where you can mount a flat screen ranging from 32 inches to 70 inches. Below this mount is the shelf where you can place your laptop and work on it. The height of the cart can be adjusted according to your preferences to provide you with a comfortable work experience.

Multiple Ports Cable

aiVR A-K271/304 with multiple ports

While working in a home office, you have several electronic devices that you utilize to make sure that you are able to work smoothly and seamlessly. For smooth operations, you need data cables to provide communication and connection between these devices. Now each device has its own particular input/output ports which means you require multiple cables with all the required ports that you may need while working. This will result in a plethora of data cables and wires which will eventually lead to a disorganized and decluttered workspace. The solution? A multiple ports cable!

A multiple ports cable is a single cable that has multiple ports which allow you to connect with virtually any device and charge it or use it as a data cable to transfer data. The aiVR A-K271/304 with multiple ports is an example of such a cable that is compatible with Type C, iOS port, with USB-C, and any device with a USB port. It is a fast transmission cable comprising a thick wire for increased durability. Moreover, the thick wire ensures that it does not get knotted or tangled with other wires. The long length of the wire offers greater accessibility and versatility making it a must have for your home or office.

Power Bank Cable

aiVR Triple Cable AK-303 3 in 1 powerbank cable

Another important tool that allows you to work on the go and is necessary for working long hours is a power bank. With a power back, you never have to worry about your mobile, tablet, or any other device being discharged; you can simply connect it with a power bank and continue your work. However, since different devices have different input ports, you will need separate power bank cables for each of your devices. But with a multiple power bank cable, you just have to carry one cable with you and you would be able to charge any of your devices through that irrespective of the input ports.

With FunBiz aiVR Triple Cable AK-303 3 in 1 powerbank cable, you get three different flat heads made from high quality material that ensures high durability and fast charging. The cable allows a maximum current of 3A and voltage of 5V to pass through resulting in fast and efficient charging.

Fast Charge Data Cables

aiVR A-K284 Fast Charge Data Cable

Similar to other types of data cables, a type C to type C fast charge data cable can also prove to be an important digital tool for any home office. If you want to buy a type C to type C fast charge data cable, then FunBiz aiVR A-K284 Fast Charge Data Cable is the one for you. The data cable has a whopping length of 1000 m making it highly convenient to be used in situations where both the devices are at quite a distance from each other. It has a maximum current capacity of 6A. Having this data cable at your home will result in greater convenience for yourself.

Double Arm Bracket

Taurus DF-600 Double Arm TV Bracket

Just as we discussed above, often we need to see our laptop screens on a big screen for better visibility and pixel definition. If you do not want a portable stand to mount your TV, rather would like a designated mount position for the big screen, then you will have to mount it on a wall with a TV bracket. There are several different kinds of TV mounts available in the market in Singapore; the very basic ones do not allow you to move the TV once it has been mounted, whereas the more sophisticated ones allow you to tilt or swivel the TV according to your requirements.

The Taurus DF-600 Double Arm Bracket is an example of the latter kind of mount. It allows you to tilt the TV from an angle of -5 to +3 degrees to provide the best viewing perspective. It also allows the TV to be swiveled 180 degrees, so wherever you are sitting on your work chair, you can adjust the TV to get the best viewpoint. This double arm bracket is easy to install and can fit with a TV size of 32 inches to 70 inches. You can easily connect your laptop with the TV on this mount through an HDMI cable and view your laptop screen in a much bigger size for added comfort and convenience.

Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

Taurus MP-01 Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

When you are working on your computer, often it is that you require your mobile alongside as well. This could be because you want some information from it as you work on your laptop or you are on a call with a teammate as you work. If in such a scenario, your mobile charging runs out and you notice that the charger is far away from your workstation, you have the dilemma of charging it over there and having no access to it when you require it. This is where a wireless charging mouse pad becomes a life saver!

With FunBiz’s Wireless Charging Mouse Pad, you can be assured that your mobile will be charged wirelessly by simply placing it on the mouse pad as you operate the mouse. This charging mouse pad ensures more than 75% charging efficiency and is compatible with most smartphones. So simply put your mobile on the pad and let it charge in front of you while you work.

Type C to HDMI Adaptor

Taurus CA-11 Type C to HDMI Adapter

Lastly, we discuss this must-have device for your home office that can offer you excessive convenience and usability. Since for a workstation, our aim is to create a minimalist atmosphere where all the required desk accessories and supplies can be neatly organized to exude professional and productive vibes, it is absolutely prudent that we reduce the amount of wires and replace with handy accessories that allow us to do the same work in a much more functional and efficient way. A very clear example of this is a type C to HDMI adapter. This 5-in-1 adapter allows you to connect a computer through a USB-C port to any display or TV that has an HDMI equipped display.

This adapter supports double card reading at the same time and has a dual U3 support data transmission. With this adapter, you can view your laptop screen on a much larger display without any mess of the wires which would otherwise have resulted in a cluttered workstation.

These necessary digital tools and accessories are must-haves for your home office in 2023 if you wish to become more productive and efficient during your working hours. All these tools and devices are available at FunBiz which is your one-stop lifestyle and digital gadgets platform. Here you will find all the necessary devices and products according to your needs to make your home and work environment much better, comfortable, and productive. We also offer TV bracket installation services and a variety of corporate gift ideas for your clients.